DJ: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

(He / Him)

Andrew enjoys DJing a wide variety of musical genres, and delights in creating moments for dancers to respond viscerally to blues music, allowing themselves to be transported to another era by a song. Andrew has DJed at events around the world, including Portland Blues Experience, Emerald City Blues Festival, and European Blues Invasion, and has won several DJ contests and nominations. Visit for more info.

DJ: Emily Smith

Emily Smith

(She / Her)

Emily has been DJing in the Seattle blues scene since 2005, and has had pleasure of being able to DJ at several national events. She served as DJ coordinator for multiple events. She is continually fascinated by the complex history of blues music and enjoys finding new ways to play the music to move dancers. Her sets are often an eclectic variety of old and new, and new inspired by old. She enjoys learning about new music and is constantly expanding her music palette. One of her favorite things to do at dance events is to go home with new music! Emily will be DJ'ing this year's competitions! In addition to DJ'ing, Emily is also one of ECBF's co-organizers.

DJ: Niko


(He / Him)

Niko is a Swing, Blues and Fusion dancer. He learned to dance and listen to the Blues in the Halifax and Montreal dance scenes. He has a particular interest in exploring the peripheries of traditional Blues music, including Jewish, Indigenous and non-Anglophone Blues cultures.

DJ: Vartan Khachturov

Vartan Khachturov

(He / Him)

DJ. Dancer. Organizer. Teacher. Although a recent member, Vartan falls passionately in love with hobbies until they turn into obessions. Since 2015 he's been traveling all over the country while also being completely engrossed in the Denver scene. Building all his sets from new music and putting together playlists for idioms, genre's, and moods. As a student of the blues he dives in to discover and understand as much as possible about blues culture. His interests outside of dancing are power lifting, trap music, and his kitten Sophie.