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A little bit of our history ....

Emerald City Blues Festival first started when Martin Beally took Seattle dancers from the steamy house parties of the early 2000's and brought us to a sophisticated and swanky event. He curated a festival that showed blues was a dance deserving of national attention. People came from miles around … many thousands of miles, that is. Musicians such as Solomon Douglas, Carsie Blanton, Brother Yusef "the fattback bluesman", and blues legend Kim Massie played and sang at ECBF over the years. Teachers made their careers throwing down at the competitions. Without losing any of our style or swagger, ECBF made us classy. And it had some damn fine food.

ECBF was begun in partnership with Solomon Douglas and the Washington Blues Society. As time went on, Topher Haven became a partner and was integral in the growth and success of the event. Together, Martin, Solomon, Topher, and the original ECBF showcased what blues dance could be even before we dancers knew it ourselves.

Emerald City Blues Festival ran from 2005-2011. Martin hung his hat after 7 years of event management, and since then the national and international scene has grown in ways we never could have imagined. There have been many Seattle organizers who carried on annual blues dance events like Rain City Blues and Seattle Social Dance Weekend. Now we, the new ECBF team, are picking up the baton to see what Seattle can offer to the music and dance we have loved for the past twenty years.

Emerald City Blues Festival 2019 is produced by Burn Blue, a not-for-profit organization in Washington state, founded in 2007, aimed toward education and experience of blues dance, blues music, and the history behind them both. The current directors of Burn Blue are Emily Smith and Michael J Smith.

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Main Organizers: emeraldcityblues@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator: ecbf-volunteers@burnblue.org

Scholarship Applications: scholarships@burnblue.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emeraldcitybluesfestival/

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Remembering years past:

ECBF 2005 - 2011