Competitions bring the whole dance floor together for a few moments to celebrate the awesome dance our community is throwing down! We host them to celebrate blues, blues movement, the individual ways each of ya'll are expressing it, and to inspire dancers to the possibilities that this dance has to offer.

How are we judging this celebration of our blues community? Our amazing staff of teachers, who have been dancing, judging, and competing for decades, challenge you to meet this criteria:

First and foremost!

  • Blues Aesthetic – dancing the blues is the only way you'll make it to finals.

Next, our other values:

  • Musicality – how does your dance match the music?
  • Personal Expression – where are you in this dance? What are you bringing, feeling, and saying?
  • Movement Quality and Technique – make it look good; make it look easy.
  • Partnership – what are you co-creating with your partner?

Another factor to keep in mind: This is not a standardized test. This is short answer, but with your body. Meaning, yes, the judging is subjective. The best way to get a sense of what the judges are looking for? Take their classes!